Dana for Rental of Meditation Centre
Sabba Danam Dhamma Danam Jinati (The gift of truth excels all other gifts)
   If you wish to make a donation to the Centre's rent ,
   to build a New Meditation Hall , to the centre's water and electrical bills,
   or print Dhamma Books or CDs etc, please follow the instructions as stated below.

*All of the above is run by lay devotees. There is no bhikkhu or Sangha involved*
The Current rental for Visuddha Meditation Centre is S$3500.
Below shows an example of the form for donation for rental of meditation centre
Mr Tan
Ms Chan
Mrs Goh
How to Make the Donation:
  (1) Please transfer your generous donation to
       POSB Saving Account No: 207- 47313 - 8     
       Name:HO KOK ENG, and send a sms (short message service) to the centre at 
       [ (+65) 90101663 ].

       If you wish to issue crossed cheque, please made it payable to "HO KOK ENG",      
       and you can mail it to the centre.
            a)  if you are holding a POSB bank account, you can do direct transfer of your donations
                  via ATM (Automated Teller Machines) or at any POSB local branch.

            b)  if you are holding another bank account like OCBC, you can do inter bank transfer
                 to POSB account as stated above via internet online banking.
                 Doing interbank transfer other than internet online banking,
                 you can do so at any POSB local branch,
                 please bring along your bank account book and your identification card.

            c)  if you are holding a POSB bank account and you wish to donate via cheque,
                 you may do so with the above, or you can go down to any POSB local branch
                 and send the cheque.

            d)  if you are not a POSB bank account holder, you may do so at the bank of your account.

  (2) Please do not put your cash in the envelop and mail it to the centre, as it is very insecure.
       The donation may be lost anytime.
  (3) The centre is currently finding a better place that is conducive to meditation for all yogis.
        If you happen to know of such a place, please contact us.
       Tel: (+65) 90101663
       Address:11A Teo Kim Eng Road S'416390
       Email: visuddha777@yahoo.com.sg
*All of the above is run by lay devotees. There is no bhikkhu or Sangha involved*